Thursday, August 4, 2011

Three Months

Well if you would have told me a year ago all the things that would have happened to Norris and I during my 9 months of pregnancy I would have laughed at you.  Well these three months of Jovee's life have also been quite exciting.  It was been fun to see her grow.  She is rolling over...not that often, just when she feels like it.  She loves to suck on her hands and play with her firefly toy...thanks to Amber Rohde for that!!!!!!!! These are some of the things that Jovee has loved to do during her first three months!

I already have favorite outfits that I will keep for her when she has her babies... This is my favorite outfit! 
                         She loves to play with her cousin!!!  They both have the Ham nose I think!!  They are                                 going to be great friends/cousins growing up!
 And of course she loves to hang out with her grandpa!!!
                         And we can't forget hanging out with her Great- Grandma!!!
 Jovee also LOVES the water! 
 Whether it is the pool or Lake Michigan she loves it!

Hanging out with daddy is definitely something that Jovee LOVES!

And taking summer walks along the beach! 

 Hanging out with family is very enjoyable!  This is four generations of Ham's...How special!

She loves to sit up and listen to any music you play for her.  I love that!!  Norris and I daily try to figure out whose personality she might have.  The problem is she is changing daily!!!  One minute I think I have her figured out and then she decides she does not like that any more!!!  Too funny!!! On her three month birthday we flew to Egypt and she really has been adjusting well.  She is meeting new friends and even sharing her favorite Firefly!!!!

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