Monday, August 8, 2011

6 years and counting

As I was reminiscing over the last 6 years I realized that Norris and I have know each other for the past 11 years!!!  And if you know us you know the first 5 years were interesting!!!!  We celebrated our 6 year anniversary on Saturday and it was fun to think about what we thought marriage was 6 years ago and what we think marriage is now!!!  Don't worry I know that in 6 years I will be saying the same thing!!  We have this tradition of watching our wedding video and reception video for our anniversary.  Every time we get to our engagement section I just cry like a baby!  It was such a fun day and I think about how everything in my life changed from that moment on!  And even more recently we have a beautiful baby girl to add to our family...with more to come we hope :-)

This was our first anniversary in Cairo and we did not know that it would be in the middle of Ramadan.  Still it was one of my favorite anniversaries.  Norris bought me a puzzle.  This puzzle has a lot of significance as it is of India.  Two years ago when we went to India to visit we left all our camera's and video camera on the train.  Needless to say we have NO pictures of our trip.  So Norris bought this puzzle for us to put together and spend quality time together after Jovee goes to sleep!

  The problem is we are not working right now soooooo we finished after only 2 days! 
We have decided that we need to get another one even bigger to finish during the school year! 

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