Thursday, August 18, 2011

Snuggle Time

We have been told that we need to treasure the time that we have with Jovee at each stage.  Now honestly I am glad that the newborn stage is over, but I will be quite sad when she leaves this stage!  She is very snugly and I love it!
Right before we give her a bath!
 Chillin' with Daddy
 Showing Jovee our favorite place on earth....Thailand
Our Crazy Family!  I love Jovee's face in these pictures!!!!!


  1. Too much cuteness!! It's so funny, I try so hard to cherish every grumpy, cranky, fussy time because I know it will soon be gone and she will be a big girl too! I love how Jovee is so alert in looking at pictures:) Too precious!

  2. These are great! :)