Sunday, September 16, 2012

MOPS group

On every other Wednesday some moms get together to have a little play date with our kiddos.  We call it a MOPS group even though I do not think it is anything like the MOPS group in the States.  I have never been involved in a MOPS group but I imagine it as a group of women getting together to chat and stay connected and to get out of their routines!!!!  

Well we had one the other day and it was DISASTROUS!!!  Poor Jovee was having an awful day.  She normal is sweet when it comes to other kids playing with her toys but NOT this day.  We had to have out first time out.  I had no idea what I was doing but I knew I had to do something to stop her behavior.  She was trying to take a toy from one of her "friends" and then when I told her that she could not do that she tried to hit him and then threw herself on the floor!!!  WHAT!!!  When in the world did she learn to do that?????

I was sooooo embarrassed.  But then I realized that was why all the moms were together.  We were there to help each other.  I took her in the other room and let her "work it out" and then I brought her back.  She did so much better after we handled the situation but it really made me start to think about how I was going to discipline her!  I know you are thinking... "but Jovee is perfect!!!"  And she is wonderful but we have reached the age that it is time to discipline her in love!

So even though it was an awful day...(well really it was only awful for a few moments) it taught me a lot of things and started me to prepare for the path that lies ahead!  I know I will make many mistakes as I try to teach Jovee the path to walk down.  I know I will not always be a good example of what I want her to be, but I hope that I help her down the right path!

                                     Took a picture of some of the kiddos reading a book together! 

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