Sunday, October 4, 2009

Norris' 27th Birthday!

Well last Friday Norris turned 3 times 9 as he calls it OR 27!  I can't believe it!  We are getting so old!!!  Just kidding!  We feel so blessed to have these 27 years of life and plus the last 8 together have been even better!!!  I can't begin to imagine my life with out him!  I guess that is a great thing!!!!  We have big plans for his birthday this Friday!  It should be fun!  If you are in the area swing by!!!  We are going to party office style!!!!  For his real birthday we had the time of our lives!  We had church in the morning and again that night!  We had a rocking time!  What better way to spend a birthday but at Church!!!  I can't think of one!!!!

Well I did cut my hair!  I liked the length of it but I did not really like the style so.....I decided to be assertive and go back the next day and have them fix it!  I SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!!  Now it is even worse!  I do not really like it but the great thing is IT IS HAIR!!  It will grow back and now I know not to go back to that place!  Live and Learn I guess!!!

The school year has finally started!  I think it is going to be a good year!  I am going to love Middle School way better than High School!  They are so cute!  Especially my little 6th graders!  Now if they would just talk a little!  I guess that is not a bad thing!!!  I am sure after a couple weeks I will be begging for them to be quite!!!  I hope we can have a smoother year as we go than what we started with!  The only thing that is hard to swallow for me is the fact that we can't have air conditioning!  It is about 90-95 degrees and it would be nice to have air!  I am not sure if my kids will be able to stay awake if they can't have air after lunch!!!!!  As a matter of fact I am not sure if I will be able to stay awake!!!  Oh well there are worse things in life than not having air!!!!

2 tim 3:16

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