Saturday, October 10, 2009

"The Office"

Well, yesterday I threw Norris a birthday party all themed from the office!  It was pretty fun!  We had a great time gathering with friends.  We did a traveling party.  We began in the reception area of the office then we moved to the conference room.  We had some pizza and enjoyed some charades.  I think I made them a little to difficult but I think people had fun!  After pizza we came to the Annex and sang happy birthday and had some cake!  The cake was very good made by one of our best friends!!  She is a great cook!
      I think the best part about the evening was the "That's what she said" skit they had to do!  We have everyone in teams and they had to come up with a skit that ended with "that's what she said"!  We were laughing so hard!  There was this one skit and they were pretending to be Norris teaching and I thought I was going to die!  Scott nailed the impression of Norris and he has never even seen him teach!  It was awesome!   

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  1. Sounds ever the cake should have been a ice cream cake... Mint Chocolate Chip