Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pool Time

Jovee and I met up with our friend Heather at the Maadi House in Maadi and it was awesome!  We have not been to a real pool yet and I was a little nervous as to how Jovee would handle it but she loved it! 

                                   The Maadi House had these toys for her to play with...or eat!
                                              Playing with Heather.  Jovee loves Heather!!!

Trying to keep her hat on her head.  She usually likes it but she did not think it fit with playing at the pool.  That's ok I layered her with Suntan Lotion!!!

 By the end of the time she was putting her face in the water and sitting down on my trying to let her little body float!  It was so cute!  Hopefully we can find another place closer to home where we can play in the pool more often!!

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