Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fort Cairo

We built our first fort!  It is sooooo much fun!  I think I had more fun than Norris and Jovee but it was worth it!  :-)

                                The fort was falling on Jovee's head so I needed to try to fix it!
                             I knew these giant red arm chairs would come in handy some day!

Daddy thought it would be way more fun to have the bean bag in the fort too!  Jovee agreed!

                                               Giving daddy kisses!!!  Sweet angel!

When you tell Jovee to give someone a kiss she will just kiss the closest part to her!  It is so cute and funny!

When we finished Norris asked why we did not just use the table...  UMMMM I could not really give him an time we will try the table first instead of moving every piece of furniture around the house!!!  It was still well worth it!  Can't wait to have many more fort building or castle building with our little girl!!

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