Sunday, July 1, 2012

To Eat or Not to Eat....

If you have ever met Jovee or know anything about my beautiful little girl you know that she will eat ANYTHING....well that is not true.  She will eat anything that is not real food. 

Here is a list of things that Jovee ate today:
1. hair ball
2. something white from under the couch....i try not to think about it
3. a book
4. part of a box
5. a screw that she found who knows where....
6. her diaper (unused don't worry)

Here is a list of things she refused to eat:
1. broccoili (which she could not get enough of yesterday)
2. fruit...any kind.  You name it, banana, apple, peaches, melon....nothing
3. Banana muffin
4. pancake
5. yougart
6. rice
7. pasta
8. banana oat ball
9. fruit smoothie

Yup....that's right I have a toddler.  Tomorrow she will probably eat everything that she did not eat today....

 Food time is fun though!

The joys of motherhood!  I do hope and pray there will be a day that I don't have to say

 "Read it don't Eat it!!!!"

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