Saturday, July 7, 2012


We had the privilege of babysitting Molly on Thursday so her mom and dad could get some packing done.  We are sad that Molly (and her parents) have to leave us for several months.  I think I began to take advantage of the fact that Jovee would always have a fun friend to play with whenever she wanted!!!  Well anyway enough of my pity party....
Jovee and Molly had a great time....
 Jovee trying to push the button on the turtle to make the music play...Molly just wants to pull the turtle!

                                            Play time on the See-Saw!  They did that a lot!

 Playing with their baby dolls...and you will notice, Jovee has Molly's and Molly has Jovee's! 

 Molly carrying her favorite toys and asking me to make the "song" play!  Too Cute

                                                   Jovee playing with some ice!
                          Jovee desperate to feed the "bottle" to Molly!  She did not want it!!!!

 I know this is blurry but it was so cute....Molly was pushing the toys and chasing Jovee!


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