Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Feels like Summer

We are trying to cool off here during the hot summer afternoons.  We had some friends leave their grill for us to have and we decided to clean it up.  It works great once you get it lit.  Poor Norris can spend 30-45 minutes just trying to get the coals to get hot let alone start a fire!  Jovee and I decided that we should hangout with daddy while he is trying to get the coals hot.  We bought Jovee a pool a while ago but have been searching for a place to put it.  We explored our rooftop the other day and decided that would be a perfect place for the pool and the grill.  It has a great overhang that will give Jovee some shade and lights so we can be up there later and night to get the nice Cairo breeze and still see!!!  So we threw the pool up there and took several trips with random buckets to fill the pool and then let Jovee play in the water and cool off while daddy took care of the grill!!!

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