Saturday, July 25, 2009

Times be a changin'

Well I am leaving Italy in about 48 hours! I am a little excited but I will be sad to say goodbye to this beautiful country! Although 5 weeks without my husband is long enough!!! It was a great time to meet new people and learn to grow as an individual!
It was a great program to work with and learn about different operas! I love Madame Butterfly and it was a joy to learn it even better, covering Butterfly. Someday I hope that I will be able to perform the role. It is funny how life changes though and I wonder where the Lord will take us and whether or not I will sing opera for the rest of my life. It has been quite a whirl-wind year and I look forward to seeing what he is going to do for the rest of our lives! When I am back in the states I will hopefully be able to right more!

Thanks for those of you who have followed my blog while I was in Egypt. See ya in the U.S.

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