Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Messing around with the Camera

I have a Nikon 5000 that Norris bought for me last year for Christmas.  He got it for me after he lost all of our stuff in India....(that is for a different blog!)
So today was a BEAUTIFUL day in Cairo so I thought I would take some pictures from our apartment.  I am trying to learn about the Aperture stuff and the Shutter Speed stuff.  I can do enough to get by but I want to REALLY learn about this camera!  My mom made a good point about her camera...If she spent the money for the camera she wants to learn all the it has to offer!  I feel the same way....

So here are some of my shots....

This first shot is an aperture shot out on our balcony.

Lens: 18-55 mm  Shot at 55mm
f 3.5-5.6-   f/5.6
ISO: 250
So I got it blurred behind the chair, but I need a better lens so that I can get more of the picture blurred!

Now this shot gave me just the opposite.  I got the stuff behind the chair in focus but nothing else!  It looks cool but not what I wanted to do!!!
Lens: 55mm
ISO: 250
f /5.6

Lens: 18mm
ISO: 250

This shot I am trying to get everything in view into focus.  I think that it worked out ok but I feel as though some of the stuff behind the large building is not quite in focus.

My next shots are playing with the Shutter Speed on my camera.  This is much more difficult for me.  I have a harder time getting what I want into focus.
Lens: 55mm
Now this shot the car that is moving is in focus but the other things around the car are blurry!  WHAT??  Not sure how that worked but I will keep trying!
Lens:80mm ISO: 250
Now this shot is better.  One of the cars moving is in focus and the other black car behind it is very blurry.  Well at least I got one in focus.  I am not sure if I like the longer lens for these shots better or not. 

These next two shots are just fun.  We can see the pyramids from our apartment if it is clear enough and today it was!!!  That is the great pyramid in the center.  To the left you can kind of see the small one and then to the right you can see the corner of one pyramid!
 The fun part is we had no idea we could see the bent pyramid from our place but today we could see it!  You can kind of see it to the left of the photo. 
If you want to give me any advice on my shots I would love it! 

Enjoy your photo taking!!!!!


  1. Angie...They are Awesome! If I were you I'd spend any "Fun" money on good lenses. My big investment before Emma came along was a nice camera and good lenses. Any lenses with a wide aperture (1.2-2.0) will offer great bokeh. Keep it up!

  2. We are also experimenting with our camera! Our lenses have specs of dirt in them, so they went in for a cleaning. We should shoot some pics together! I really like your photos!

  3. Thanks Lukas for the advice! I may have to convince Norris to get me one for my birthday!

    Kristina lets do a photo shoot of our babies!!!!!!!!