Thursday, January 12, 2012


Well Christmas really got away with us this year.  What a fun time...we flew to the States to see family and to celebrate the awesome holiday we are still free to celebrate.  It was a special holiday because we surprised the Bob and Marilynn at their church in Christmas Eve.  I honestly did not think the surprise would work.  We had the tickets for about 2 months and I just knew I was going to mess up one day on Skype.  There were moments I would let something slip about "When we are visiting" and then I would quickly add..."This summer!!!"  I am glad it seemed to work because they were soooooooo surprised on Christmas.  But other than that we also got to see Great Grandma Courliss and we got an awesome 4 generation picture!  It is a joy and humbling to have 4 generations in one room together.  Our family has been quite blessed.

Well Jovee had her first Christmas's and there were all a success.  We found her deep love for wrapping paper, dogs and anyone with a camera!!!!!!  What a fun personality the Lord has blessed her with.  Now I am in the process of trying to convince her dad that as much as we may want one, it is not the best time to get a dog!!!!  It is not that easy!!!!!!!

Well I hope you enjoy the video and Merry Christmas!!!!


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