Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Friends

It is pretty funny. I have been here for almost 9 months and I am stilling meeting new teachers from the school. The other day we had a birthday party for a friend and there were a couple of teachers there I had seen before but not really talked to. It was great because I was seated by one of the ladies I had not really talked to. It was neat because her sister sings at HCC sometimes with us and it was great to meet another member of their family! We found out that we got married the same month of the same year! It was fun to talk about the joys of marriage and just get to know another Christian teacher!
Then one of the teachers asked if we could go for coffee the other night and it was great to hear about her life and all the things she has planned for her future! We had never really talked just the two of us and it was great! She is a great follower and it felt good to be lifted up by someone that I don't always get to talk to! She is going to be quite busy to do all of the things that she wants to do in her future! God has placed a lot of great ideas in her heart that are going to be awesome when she does them!! It is wonderful to know that you can be lifted up by people you may see all the time but not really "talk" to them! It is so nice to listen to people and be listened too! And you know coffee is always fun too!!!! (well i just really go for the sweet drinks that don't really taste at all like coffee!!)

I am just great full for all the people that God has allowed me to meet this year! They have changed my life in such a wonderful way and I will never be able to forget them!

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