Friday, June 11, 2010

Camel Market

So Norris and I went to the Camel Market today.  There was a group of teachers that wanted to go so the school provided a bus.  Now we had heard this place was not for the faint of heart.... they do not treat the camels well.  These camels are all being sold for food.  They are not racing camels or camels that you would see at the pyramids.  Apparently people come from all over, Sudan, Saudi, and other places to buy these camels.  These camels are going to be the bottom, left over camels that were not bought at other market places.  Well needless to say it was an experience.  One that I am glad to say I will never do again.  I was actually trying to figure out how it is a tourist attraction.  We were not sure what about it said.."yes please come and watch us sell these camels..."

I think though through the whole process it was not the hitting of the camels that bothered me the most...It was the extreme CHAOS of the entire event.  The camels were running around and boys were hitting them with sticks to make them go the right direction.  My biggest fear suddenly became the fact that in a matter of time I WAS going to get trampled by camels.  THEY WERE HUGE.  I forget how tall camels are.  They really are large, strong, ornery animals.  Although I have to say if I was getting hit by a stick all the time I would probably make growling noises too!!!!!!!!

Norris thought these camels looked like they were auditioning for the Rockets!

I love that the camel is smiling at him!  I think that we should have bought that camel but they wanted a little more than we were willing to spend!

I just like this picture.  I could not do enough to show the chaos and crowds that were whirling behind us!

This is the area that the camels were getting auctioned off.  They would all stand around and yell and then they would mark the camel so they knew which family it was going to!

If you are interested the small young camels go for about 2000 LE...... Camel Anyone?

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