Monday, March 12, 2012


Jovee got some new toys this week.  I think she is getting a little spoiled/ or she is just loved!!  :-)  The other day her daddy bought her some blocks!  They are very cute castle blocks...

(I am not sure how that sexy man got in the picture!)

Well she dumped out all of the blocks and then decided that she only wanted to play with one...

She was also given this adorable little airplane that plays music and the propeller spins around.  SHE LOVE IT!
 She literally sits by the plane and pushes the different buttons for hours!!!
 We have changed the batteries 5 times....
We have only had the plane for 4 days.....
 I love how much she loves music!!
                                              Here is a little video with her and her new toy!

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  1. I LOVE how she uses her tongue to "help" her get things done. Did you know my brother's used to make fun of me all the time because I would stick out my tongue when I was making an effort to do things. When they would beat me up, they would even stick out their tongues to mock me! So, tell her that her Aunt Susie understands when she gets older and her sibs make fun of her for such a cute trait!!