Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Delhi and Varanasi

Well Norris and I decided to take a "relaxing" trip to India this Christmas.  It was quite an experience.  After living in Egypt for the last year and a half has helped us deal with all the wheeling and dealing that comes with bargaining in a third world country but the people!  There were soooooooo many people!!!!!  We thought we lived in a place with a lot of people but that was nothing compared to India.  Delhi was a bit overwhelming but after we went to Varanasi we realized that it probably was just because it was our first day there!  Even while we were still in the airport in Delhi people were trying to rip us off....even at the pre-paid taxi booth with the prices written on the sign....it was pretty funny, Norris held his own very well!!!
We decided to take night trains so that we could have the opportunity to see more places.  We were glad we did it the first night!  We were able to get a great place on the train and we were able to sleep very well.  And when we got up we were in Varanasi!  It was great!  We got to see the Ghats where people go to wash themselves and it was CHAOS!!!!!!!!  We thought there were a lot of people in Delhi, this was x10!  Apparently they believe that if you die and your ashes are put on the river than it is the most holy place you can be put.  So as we were taking a great trip on a boat down the Ganges people were being cremated right in front of us!  It was a little more that I wanted to see but whatever!  We then went to a fun place for dinner that night and saw a giant herd of Monkey's.  They were soooooo cute as long as they were far away!  I did not know that there were so many monkeys in North India but we saw them EVERYWHERE!!!  It was crazy but they were cute!  We were just hanging out and we decided that we should start heading back to the train station just to make sure things were going ok.  We had seen everything we wanted so we headed back early.  Norris kept telling us the train left at 8 but we headed for the station and got there at about 6:07.  When we walked in we looked at the sign and realized that our train left at 6:15.  We looked at each other and started running.  What was great was that we needed to get our bags from the train station and then head to the train....BUT WE MADE IT!  We got on the train and about 1 minute later we were moving!  We were sooooooo glad that we made it!  It would not have been fun trying to find a place to stay in that place!  It was great!  We had another fun night train ride and when we woke up we were in Agra!  I love those trains!

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