Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Taj Mahal and Pushkar

Well after our quick train ride of 13 hours we arrived in Agra!  It was really neat!  There is not much to see other than the Taj but that is definitely enough.  It was the most amazing thing......What a beautiful gift to his dead wife!  It was very sweet!  It was soooooo white and big and beautiful!  We were able to finally show that day though and that was great!  We went to a little hostel and took the coldest shower I think I have ever taken!  But at least we were clean!!!!  The people were not to bad, at least not as bad as we had been told.  We had heard some stories that made us a little anxious about what we were going to experience but it was not like that at all!  We were able to see Agra Fort which looked a lot like the red fort in Delhi....I mean it was big and red.  I liked it and we had a really fun time!  I think we sat and looked at the Taj for about an hour and it was nice to relax and get out of the chaos of the city for a while.
That night we went to Pushkar.  I think that was my favorite place.  Disaster struck the night before we got to Pushkar.  We were on another train and we had yet to stay in a room for the night and when we got to Pushkar station we walked out with our bags and stuff but we left ALL our cameras!!!!  IT WAS THE WORST!  That is why there will be no pictures to prove that we were there!  It really was the worst news in the morning!  Norris felt so bad but that stuff happens and it is all just stuff.  We did all we could to try to find the cameras but there was not much we could do....so we walked around the city of Pushkar for a while and did some shopping...Norris felt sooooo bad that he left the cameras that he tried to buy me everything I looked at!  It was very cute!  It was a rough morning but the rest of the day was AMAZING!!!!!!  It was much less chaotic in Pushkar than any other place we had been.  There was supposed to be a lake but it was the dry season so it was more like a little pool.  We also got to see one of the only Brahma temples in the world.  It was pretty neat.  My friend and I went in and we were just looking around when we got yelled at because we were walking the wrong direction.  We felt really bad but we just turned around and started the other way....then I do not think they were toooo happy when we did not go up front and buy flowers to lay in front of a statue.  We decided that it was time to leave after that!  But it was pretty cool to say that I have been in one of the Brahmas temple!

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