Thursday, January 14, 2010

From Pushkar to Jodphur to Rishikesh

Well last place I left it we were heading from Pushkar to Jodphur.  We decided to rent a driver and a car to take us to Jodphur.  It was not that far away only about 3 hours so we did not think it would be bad.  It was a pretty nice drive.  It was a little scarry at times but our driver knew what he was doing so we were not to worried!  We had a nice time in Jodphur but it was not our favorite place.  The fort we saw was amazing but the rest of the city left much to be desired.  It was the first time that we felt like we were being followed and asked for money.  It was the most intense place we went for sales.  The people also we quite rude but that was ok.  We could just hide out in a coffee house and drink fun drinks and look at the city and fort.  It was nice!

When we got back to Pushkar we decided that we would have our same driver take us up to the mountains to Rishikesh.  It seemed to work from Jodphur so we thought we would do it again!  We were sick of being on trains and the last one we were on we did not have much fun!!!!!!  Well the drive to Rishikesh was 16 hours and we were three to the back of a tiny car.  It was not the smartest decision we have made.  It was actually the most terrifying thing I have done.  Emily slept most of the way so she did not really know how bad it was but Norris and I got quite nervous.  It was like a giant game of Chicken just with a small car and giant trucks.  Luckily we won!  Norris definitely yelled at the drivers a couple times and threatened not to pay but we got there just fine!  16 hours later!  It was a long day!  One we got to Rishikesh we were sooooooo excited!

Rishikesh was my favorite place.  It was sooooooo beautiful!  It was awesome to see the mountains!  We got to take a trip up into the Himalayas to watch the sun rise!  It was beautiful!!!!!!  It was awesome to see snow and the fresh air.  It was so polluted in India and it was nice to smell fresh air.  It was also the first time that we stayed in a nice hotel.  The other places we went to we either did not sleep there or we did not get the best place.  Here we decided that it was time to get a nice place....PLUS it was Christmas!  It was such a great place to have Christmas!  We went to this awesome Bedouin place for dinner and had GREAT food!  It was sooooo much fun!  There were a lot of monkeys in Rishikesh and it was crazy at times!  I did get scared some times when I had to walk by them!  They hissed at Emily when she tried to take a picture of them and that made me a little nervous!  I did not want them to bite us!!!!!!!!!  I did not want to get Rabies!
After that we just headed back to Delhi and got on our flight back to Cairo!  What a fun whirlwind of a vacation! 

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