Saturday, February 27, 2010

Relaxing Days

So today I had many plans to clean and workout and get a lot of stuff done for school.  Oops!!!  Instead I watched "You've Got Mail" and made homemade popcorn and Chai I bought in India!  It has been one of those times in life that I need some veg. time to be with my thoughts!  Who said growing up was fun!  Well I guess it is!  I love being married and traveling the world and meeting new people and loving my friends more and growing with Him who made me!  But sometimes it is hard!  Where are we going to live next?  What job should my hubby take?  When should we have kids?  Am I EVER going to learn this language!!!!!!!  Do I want to teach or sing?  How are my decisions affecting other people?  Are we in His will or just floating close by?  How can I make my relationship better with Him?  You know just the simple questions people ask all the time!  :-)  Then I just have to stop and remember, He is perfect and He knows all these questions and answers already!  What a comfort to know he is not shocked by one of my questions!  I only wish he would share with me some of the answers!  I know he will in time but sometimes it seems to take him a long time!  BUT then it always, funny enough, is the perfect time!  Don't you just love how that works!  He is perfect!  Everything about him is just perfect!

Well I guess now I can clean and workout.  He is in control and I don't have to worry about a thing!  Like the song "don't you worry 'bout a thaaaaaaang".....

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