Friday, April 6, 2012

11 months

Jovee was 11 months old!  This next month means a lot of things are happening.  Jovee has a new cousin, Grandma Courliss is coming to visit, a new little friend will come into the world, and Jovee will turn ONE!!!!  I don't think she is as excited about these things as her dad and I are, but eventually she will be!

For now we will just enjoy her at 11 months and all that brings! 

 Jovee during dinner time....not the cleanest eater!

 Yes there is food in her hair.....

 Showing us her gut....

Went to the doctor....
She is 11 Kilos  =24.2 lbs and 78 cm= 31 inches...or 2 feet 7 inches
 Watching uncle Justin pitch on our Apple TV!

Hanging out at the park!

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