Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter in Egypt

We had our first family Easter...last year Jovee missed Easter by about 9 hours!!!
  It was a lot of fun.  On Sunday Morning we got up to Celebrate that HE is Risen!  HCC always goes to the cemetery to celebrate.  It is so beautiful.  It is green, white, clean and very well kept, not something you see here in Cairo very often.  Jovee had a chance to run around on the grass and pick some flowers and play with her friends!

After the service we went to a friends house to celebrate and EAT!  It is always a great time when we can hang out with the Dempsey's, and pepper too.  Jovee loves dogs and she enjoys playing with Pepper.  Plus there was more grass and Jovee found a new love for stairs.  All she wanted to do all day was climb up the stairs and as SOON as she got to the top, climb back down!  (that is one way to lose the extra baby weight!)                            
I love how all the ladies are hanging over Sweet baby Vivi!!!!
Jovee playing with Pepper...she loves dogs!  Also we are practicing keeping her hat on her head!  She seems to forget that we live in the desert and we need to keep our heads shaded!!!

The only thing I am sad that we did not do was decorate Easter Eggs...but i guess that can wait until next year when she can actually help!!

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