Saturday, April 28, 2012

She's One!

Jovee turned one on Wednesday!

She decided to sleep until 10 am!!!  BUT because she slept so long she also leaked allllllll over her crib and clothes!

 Jovee showing off her birthday cupcake dress......
 We decided to go to the in the morning because it was a gorgeous day!

She does not like to keep her hat on!  We are going to need to work on that for this summer!

Molly came out to play and gave her a birthday tackle!!!!

 Hanging out with grandma!

 Drinking some water from Grandma's cup!
 Time to party!

 We had a photo shoot next to a 1 made out of pictures of Jovee over the last year!  She seemed to like it!

 Looking at her pictures with daddy!
 Time for cake!

 She had a little bit of frosting but she did not want to eat the cake! 
 She got some awesome presents from Grandma and Uncle Tim and Aunt Karen!

 Family Photo!
 Then we had a photo shoot with Jovee and Vivi!  Grandma got the both little tutu's to wear for Jovee's birthday!!!

Over all it was a very GOOD birthday!  No melt-downs or anything!!!!!  Happy Birthday Jovee!

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