Sunday, November 8, 2009

An evening with the Hams!

So I just thought that I would like to share what an evening looks like through the eyes of the Hams!  We do not get to see many of you often so we do not get to share with you the rituals we have begun since our marriage over 4 years ago!  WOW I can't believe it has been 4 years!!!!
Well we have really gotten into running lately!  I guess for the past year and a half we have run almost every night after a day of teaching!  After we get home we sit down and decided what we would like to eat.....veggies with rice or veggies with noodles!!!!!  Then when we finally decided which one we want more Norris measures out the water and I begin cutting the veggies!  I have found that over the last 3 years I have grown to LOVE the evening dinner meals with Norris!  It is so great that he is so willing to help me!  We have about 30-40 minutes with no interruptions (except for cuts on the hands and boiling over noodles!!!!!!!!!)  It is great to just have time to really talk with each other, because if you have ever eaten with Norris you know there will not be much talking once he gets the food!!!!  I LOVE IT!  Well after we finish cooking we decide which movie we are going to watch!  usually we just have it on as background noise because we usually need to veg. out after the long day with the students!  I never knew how exhausting teaching could be!!!  Then after we have talked for a while we either head out for a walk or we curl up in bed  say our prayers and are out for the night!!!  I have to say I love these little traditions we have made with with each other!  It is soooo wonderful to be connected to someone in such a real and personal way!

I was thinking the other day that we should have a Husband appreciation day!!  You know just to say thank you for them trying to read our minds but failing because we never just tell them!  Buying chocolate for us and then us getting mad at them for doing something so sweet but we are trying to be on a diet!!!!  Having them buy flowers for us but having no vase to put it in!  Dealing with us when we cry for just NO REASON!!!  Dealing with us when we just want to be petty and depressed!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes I do think we need to have a husband appreciation day!  They are just the best!!!  I LOVE YOU NORRIS!!!!!!

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