Monday, November 30, 2009

Grad School and Thanksgiving!

    We have had a fun start to fall/winter here...  Norris has been accepted to Grad School at Creighton University in Omaha Nebraska!  We are super excited!!!!!  He will begin it right after Christmas and graduate summer 2011!  Now the program has a very long title that I never seem to get correct but it is something he is going to be very good at!  It has to do with stopping conflict between different people and international relations!  He is super excited about it and so am I.

We had a great Holiday weekend.  We had our 3rd Thanksgiving this weekend and filled our stomachs once again!  We were invited to a celebrate with some other Americans and the food was wonderful!  They have been here for a while and they had some wonderful Egyptian spins on Thanksgiving Dinner!  One thing they did that I can't wait to get the recipe for was rice for the stuffing!  IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!!!  I had never had brown rice stuffing before but I never want to go back to normal stuffing again!  It was sooooo good!  We also had some eggplant dishes that were phenomenal and of course wonderful conversations!

It is great to have conversations with people from all over the world!  It is fun to hear different perspectives on things!  Having never left the US until a year ago I have a lot to learn about the world!  It has been fun traveling it and picking up different traditions from other people!  I hope these are traditions that we will continue to carry with us for the rest of our lives!
Two days after Thanksgiving Norris and I decided to throw a party!  We love throwing parties!  We had some friends over that did not travel for the EID.  We made some Fo-Mexican and played some games!  We learned this new game called QUELF!  If you have not played it you must buy it!  It is sooooo random and stupid and hilarious and fun!  There was one point that Norris had to build a fort and hide in it until his next turn.  Right after that I had to hide under the table and be a cat and there was singing and dancing and all sorts of craziness!!!!  It is like the "office" with the amount of randomness that it has!!!!  But when you are playing with fun people then it doesn't matter how silly you look!!!!!!

I give Thanks to the Big Man all the time for allowing us to come back!  We are so grateful that we can grow in friendships with our friends at AIS and HCC!!  They are so wonderful and they make us feel so welcome!  I can't imagine how different our lives will be because we have spent time here!  We will forever be changed for good.........    

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