Saturday, November 7, 2009

October through words!

Well it was quite a busy month this month.  Having a full time teaching job has been crazy!  Trying to clean the apartment with all the nasty dust has been a full time job of it's own!!!
       Well things I have tried to accomplish this month:
                1. clean the apartment more often
                2. cook more meals for dinner
                3. talk with friends from back home
                4. keep up with plans for my students
Well they have not been the largest goals but it has been fun to try these things!  I did ok with number 3 talking to my friends!!!!!!!!  The cleaning has definitely taken last place!!!!!!  Oh well there is always another day another week to do that better!!!  I have enjoyed trying out new recipes some times!!  I tried to make dirt cake a week ago and it was disastrous!!!  I forgot that I did not have instant pudding and the only type of pudding they had was was quite interesting!  Also we do not have cool whip we have to use whipping cream and whip it ourselves!!!!  It is really good though but the dessert as a whole was not quite a success!!!  Oh well we can try it again a different day!!!
We had a great time celebrating Norris's birthday and then we went to a night at the ballet!  It was the most interesting ballet ever!!  I felt bad for the Juliet!  She was almost dropped 3 times by Romeo!  We thought there might be an early death scene but they did make it to the end!  Our favorite people to watch on the stage were the ones in the back that never danced!!!!!  They just stood there and waved their arms about!  I thought Norris was going to loose it in the middle of the show!  There was a visiting lady from England, and I am not sure she has been here for too long!  She had been here long enough to be frustrated but not accustomed to the culture and the talking and cell phone use that happens here!  In the middle of the second act she turned around and LOST it on a row of young people!  They still did not stop talking but I think it made the lady feel better!  As we say here..."It is always an adventure"  "Why ask why"!!!!!!!  

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