Saturday, March 19, 2011

Changing Dreams

That was the church title this week.  What do you do when your dreams change?  How are you going to react?  Are you going to grow toward God and your covenant with him or are you going to stray from him and get angry.
Well Norris and I have been changing our dreams for the last month.  We always thought that we would be having our child together in Egypt.  Well there was a little "Revolution" that caused us to have to change our plans.  
It is not over yet but God is in charge as he always has been. I have to be quite honest with you this has been very difficult for me. I am sorry I did not share sooner but it was hard for me to deal with what God was giving us! I love my hubby and I need to rely on God and not Norris! Anyway enough rambling....

Well here it goes. I am going to try to explain what has happened in February. I am not sure all of this will make sense but I just want to let you know what has been going on in our life. What a change it has been….

So about three weeks ago the protests in Egypt began. We were not affected by protests as they were in a very localized area of the city. Norris and I would never go to that part of the city unless we were going to go to the museum. After all the stuff started to happen our school did a great job of communicating with us and making sure we were safe. The grocery stores shut down and the banks closed and the school decided it was a good idea to get us out of the city. They did this on Monday the 24th of January. We took a fun 8-hour bus ride to Sharm el Sheik on the point of the Sinai. It was actually really fun. I know that sounds funny but it was 80-90 degrees on the Red Sea hanging out at a 5 star resort with three buffet meals a day. What more could a 7 month pregnant woman want!
As we were in Sharm the peaceful protests sadly turn violent. On Saturday the 29th it was clear this was not going to be an easy transition. The people wanted “freedom” and they felt they could only get that with Mubarak gone. As Norris and I watched the news and heard from our school we knew we had a difficult decision to make. Was it safe enough for me to go back to Cairo and have the baby or should I come back to the States and have the baby? We weighed a lot of different options and talked with our school a lot. We decided that the best thing would be to have me come back to the U.S. until I had the baby and then meet Norris back in Cairo after the birth. Don’t worry yes Norris will be back for the birth of our baby and he will get to spend some time with the baby and me! It is really hard not to be able to tell the future. If we knew that things would be fine in Egypt until June then I would be in Egypt in a heartbeat. That is our home and where our life has been for the last three years. Don’t get me wrong, I love America, but Norris and I have made a home in Egypt. But since we can’t see what the future is going to hold only God can see that we have decided this is what is best for the baby to stay here.

This is going to be a tough decision since Norris and I rarely spend time apart! I love my husband dearly and I know that the only way I will get through the next two months without him is with God! Hopefully if it all works out Norris will be here the end of April and I will have the baby and then he will go back the beginning/middle of May and then I would join him about two weeks later with the baby!

Thank you for your prayers as we go through these next two months and try to figure out when I should join Norris in Cairo. I can’t wait to get back, but we need to make sure that we are following God’s will for our life!

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