Friday, March 18, 2011

Intense Gamsters!!

So last year Norris and I were introduced to a game called Monopoly Deal.  It is an wonderful game if you have never played it!  It is just a quick way and a good travel way to play Monopoly.  Well when we were home for the summer we bought the game. 
The thing with the card game is there are some directions that leave some discretion to the player.  The problem that we found is each player has their own idea of what the rules mean.


So to make a long story short...We were playing the game with some of our friends and  couple of the questions came up.....

 1. Can you lay down a wild card without having a property in that color?
 2. Can you use all wilds and call it a set?
 3. Can you pay with property if you have money in your bank?

So after these questions came up and there was no answer to them in the directions we decided to call the hot line number! 

Norris spoke with a very sweet lady who answered all of our questions.  I think from now on we will always just call the number if we have a question, because no one can get mad at the hotline!

But the the news you really need to know is that I won all three games!!!!!!!!!!!!

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