Monday, March 28, 2011

Waiting, Waiting, and Waiting.......

Now those of you who have had children you can just laugh at this post! 

Well it has been quite the last few months but it seems that we have finally reached the end.  Norris and I laugh that it feels like I have been pregnant for years!  We never thought month nine would ever get here and now it is finally here!  In my head I told myself that I would be late and have the baby in May, but now I am getting all confused.  At my appointment the doctor told me I would not make it to my due date. 
So now the waiting begins.  When will the day finally come?  When will I get to meet our baby?!?!?!  In the last few days if I go anywhere people seem shocked that the baby is still in my belly!  That does not help people!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is funny how quickly people forget about the waiting part of pregnancy.  They forget the desire you have to meet your little one that will be different than anyone else.  There will be no one else in the world that will be like OUR baby!!!  How exciting!

So the waiting has begun and who knows how long it will week, two weeks or a month!!!!!  Only God knows........  


  1. I remeber feeling EXACTLY like you Angie! It felt as if I would be pregnant forever....and I too was told I wouldnt make my due date, only to be 8 days late haha! But, it was so worth the wait and our baby has brought us SO much joy! Ill be thinking of you these last few days, weeks or month! :)


  2. I'm excited for you guys!! Just remember Gods timing is perfect!!! hope all is going well. Love and miss you dear!!
    Elizabeth D