Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Friend D.Q.

Fall in Missoula is just lovely.  The trees are beautiful and the weather has been lovely.  It has been a little cold, but I am not going to miss these "warm" days when winter comes.  I am going to miss these 55-60 degree days!!!  But for now I will enjoy the sun and colors with my family.  The other day we were taking a walk to a nearby park and found a little friend, Dairy Queen!!  It is a cute little walk-up DQ that closes early November.  I am pretty sure that we are making it a goal to get there about every other day.  And since we are walking there, it totally balances out!!

 There is wild life everywhere.  It is so fun to see deer all over the place. 

 Playing at the park on the way home is the best.  Jovee and CJ love the swings!

 Love hanging out with my kiddos!

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