Monday, September 14, 2009


Well the last couple of days in Chiang Mai have been pretty awesome.  We flew like monkeys at the flight of the Gibbon.  That was really neat.  It was different Zip lines we went on all across the rain forest stuff.  It was not quite what we thought it was going to be but we did enjoy it!  Then we went on this trek up a mountain to a waterfall and it was breathtaking!  I love waterfalls and they have plenty for us here in Chiang Mai.  I think the best waterfall we saw was the one at the National Park.  It was the biggest waterfall I have ever seen.  Now I have not been to Niagra Falls but it was pretty cool!  There was definitely no swimming here because it was way to fast and strong.
We have meet some really cool people on our outings.  This is the low season so there are not many people around.  That has been good and bad.  It has been good because there have not been to many people on our tours so we can have a little more fun getting to know them.  When we did our trek to the waterfall we were with one other couple and they were so cute!  They had just gotten married and they were on their honeymoon!  They were Irish but they lived in Australia.  We went whitewater rafting and it was crazy!  Never really thought I would do it but I am glad we did!  Then today was the best day of all!  We got to spend an intire day with the elephants.  It was AWESOME!  We each got our own elephant and we bathed it, feed it, rode it, swam with it, oh yes and checked its poo!!!!  We needed to see if our elephant was healthy!  MINE WAS.....very wet poo!!!!  I think the best was swimming in the waterfall with him!  I will not be able to spell the name right but it was something like Puchong.  He was so cute!
Puchong was about 7 years old and he was quite rambunctious!  He waned to eat everyone elses food!!!  He thought the grass looked greener on the other side!!!!  I loved him!  I think I liked his tongue the best!!!!  He would suck my hand in his mouth when I gave him a snack and he was sooooooo cute!!!  I won the best elephant prize and it was a big kiss from my elephant!!!
We went on this long trek through the jungle and it was down pouring!  It made it sooooooooo much fun!  Norris kept saying he felt like we were in Swiss Family Robinson!!!  It really did feel that way too!!  Any moment I just knew we were going to see an Ostrich run by!!!!!  The rain did make it challenging though for our elephants!  It was very slippery but they made it just fine!  My was the youngest and he kept trying to get in the front!  He wanted to go very fast!!!  Norris elephant was soooooooo cute!  She was older and fatter and was NEVER full!  She ate the entire time!  Every step she took was only to find more food!!!  Every time I turned around I could hear her crunching on some new bamboo or sugar cane!!!  She was adorable!  We learned many words to help our elephant but I am sure they did not really listen until their trainer said it!  At least mine anyway!!!!!  Any time he saw his trainer coming he got very excited and wagged his tail and ears almost like a dog!  It was very cute!!!
Just a couple more days and then back to Egypt.  It has been nice to get a little change of scenery before we hunker down for a long year of teaching!!  We feel so blessed that we were able to come back to Thailand!  We really do love it here!!!! 

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  1. you sound like you are living an amazing life, Angie!!! enjoy this wonderful gift of travel that God is giving you. I love hearing about where you are and what you are doing. Just saw your Tim's blog - he is in Korea!! your poor mom! how does she feel about having her kids all over the world?? :) :)