Sunday, September 20, 2009

Very Expensive Banana's

Well Norris and I are back in Cairo and we still have not started school!  Not until the 3rd of October now!  No worry to us we are enjoying the time to spend together.  It is getting a little boring at times but we have had plenty of things to keep us busy!  We have been doing our Tae Bo and taking walks and going to the store before they all close for the three day Eid!
Today we decided to walk to Korba (about a 30 minute walk from our house) and go the the starbucks in the neighborhood!  It was a great day for a walk.  There actually were clouds and a little bit of a nice breeze!  Fall is definitely upon us!  Well we went to starbucks so Norris could do some planning and I could read the 4th Harry Potter book!  Yes sadly we have become obsessed with these books and movies!  They are cute plot lines with great friends and fun adventures!  Anyway....after we had our nice cold drinks and enough reading and planning we decided to run to the near by Metro Market and get some water and a couple other things....(SODA!)  Well while we were there we decided to get some fruit because sometimes they can have a better selection of fruit then our place.  We picked up some mango's, peaches, and bananas.  A couple of Sodas and water and we were good to go!  We got up to the counter and the lady said it was 175 pounds.  WHAT!  That is like $40 dollars and there is no way it should be even close to that!  Well we were not really paying attention so we gave her a hundred because maybe we heard her wrong.  But sure enough she asked for another hundred.  Well we gave it to her because it is quite difficult to get into a discussion with people and the language barrier!  Well I looked at the receipt to see if I could read it and to my surprise it was in English and I read IMPORTED DOLE BANANA'S 104 pounds!  WHAT $20 dollars for banana's!  Well Norris and I started laughing!  There was nothing we could do we had already bought them and taking things back does not qutie work very well especially produce!!!!  Apparently Norris did not know he was feeling home sick for some Florida Banana's!  We were laughing so hard the lady thought we were crazy!  But Norris felt so silly!!!  Good for me though because now I can get a special treat for our apartment!!!!!!!!!  What a funny day!  No dullness around here!!!!  Those better be some GOOD banana's!!!!!!! 

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