Friday, September 11, 2009

Chiang Mai

well it has been a great start to our Chiang Mai trip.  We have only had rain once and it lasted for about 20 minutes and it was while we were hiking to the waterfall.  The only sad part about the rain was that we could not take our camera up to the waterfall.  We have been able to see some amazing things!  The Lord is so good to us. 
So far we have been able to see the Zoo which was awesome!  I have never seen panda's before and they were soooooo cute!  then we went to a couple temples so that was fun....  I think so far the Zoo and the treking we did today has been our favorite!  The Zoo was great because there were so many different animals, from Panda's to Monkey's to deer.  We did not look to long at the deer seeing how we see them all the time in Michigan and Indiana.  I also got to see the Koala's.  They were sooooo cute!  I really do like the Zoo's!  It would be a great place to take kids to also becuase there were all sorts of placed they could play.  May favorite was the snow globe.  The Thai people were very excited that you could go in the globe and play with snow!  We decided that we did not need to do that...we see it enough!! 
Today we went hiking through the jungle.  It was pretty awesome!  We climbed right through the river and it was beautiful!  We thought the waterfall was amazing.  It rained on our way up to the waterfall but it was incredible!  We loved it!  We also went to an Orchard farm and butterfly farm!  We saw somw amazing butterflies.  They were huge and they were sooooo colorful!  The orchards were really nice but I am sure if we had been there during the summer or spring it would have been breath taking! 
Our hotel is awesome!  We are the only ones staying here right now!  The joy of the low season!  They are a wonderful family that takes care of us very well!!!  They do everything we could possibly need.  We have a great pool and they are the best cooks ever!!!!!  We can't get enough Pad Thai and Chicken Parcels!  They are sooo good.  Oh and the spring rolls we eat with every meal!  I will say they are not as good as aunt Doy's but even I know better than to wish for that!!!! 

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