Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thoughts for the day!

So Norris and I were talking yesterday about our plans and life in general.  We are talking about getting out of school housing and getting our own apartment.  This made us think for a few minutes about all of our apartments.  We have lived in 5 apartments in 4 years.  Although this one we have lived in twice!  Well if we do live in a new apartment it would be 5 different apartments in 4 years!  I think we like change!  I think if this is any indication about the rest of our lives we are in for a fun ride!!!!!  Anyway we are looking forward to things in our future but oh my what are they going to be?!?!?!  Oh well I guess we will find when it happens!!!  I guess we will find out when we need to know!  I wish we could plan it all out right now and know what is going to happen but I guess that really can't be the case!  Someday we will know and some day we will be able to settle down and have the house with the picket fence and  rose garden and little kiddies runny around our ankles!    SOMEDAY!

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