Monday, November 25, 2013

Facebook Statuses

I have wanted to write a lot of Facebook Status updates over the weekend, but I was either not by the internet or I didn't want to be that crazy person that updates her status every 5 minutes.  So here are the "statuses" from my weekend!

I did not know that with the role of mom also came the role of Poop Counselor!!!!!  Just poop in the potty, there is no reason cry about it!!!  :-)

I feel very empowered when I rearrange the furniture

I have too much furniture

I totally forgot my son's 6th month birthday!  (A blog post will be coming soon, now that I remembered!)

It might be time to take a break from Mickey Mouse Club House.  My daughter knows the moment it is going to start and comes and asks me to turn on the TV!  Oops!!!  ;-)

I thought I would be a good mommy and make chocolate chip pancakes....YUCK!!!  I never had them before and now I know why!!!

I love days like these, where we go from one craft activity to the other!!!!

I love driving to the store and having Jovee and CJ laugh the whole way there!

I am glad it is dark in Jovee's room when I need to go in to sing her to sleep because she says the funniest things, but she is so serious, and I am glad that she can not see me smiling!

I love singing worship!  I have missed it so much!

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