Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving Cookies

I love traditions.  I am pretty sure when I was a kid everything we did I would say "This is our new tradition!"  I am so happy that Jovee is getting old enough to start some traditions!

We were given some pumpkin and candy corn cookie cutters and so I thought we could start a new tradition of Thanksgiving cookies!!  So Jovee and I made some sugar cookies and decorated them.  It was the first time Jovee had done anything like this with me and I LOVED it!!!  We do not have a kitchen table so we had to decorate them on the food mat on the floor but it was super fun!!!!!

 We have to find some Thanksgiving music to listen to for next year.  We were listening to Christmas music instead!!

 The best part of making the cookies is eating them!

I can't wait until Christmas so we can decorate some Christmas cookies!!!!  I love traditions and cookies!!!   ;-)

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