Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 1 "Trip to Paris"

Well our travel day to get to Paris was a GONG show!  Oh my goodness.....  We got to the airport at 4am because our flight was leaving at 6:30am.  Yes Norris and I like to get there early because you never know what is going to happen.  Well we got to the area to scan our luggage and found out the flight was delayed until 9:30am and they would not let us got through until 7:30.  Luckily we decided to drive ourselves to the airport so we hoped in the car and headed back home.  We were able to put Jovee down for another few hours and then headed out again.  We got back to the airport and left the car (will be discussed in another post) and tried to check through.  We put all our bags through the security belt before we check in and the man told me and Jovee to go through the metal detector but told Norris to wait.  I knew right at that moment what was happening.  I tried to wait as long as I could before going through since they were going to try to get a bribe from Norris to let him through.  Oh I was so mad.  I went through and sure enough.  They stopped Norris and were asking for a tip to let him through.  I began to walk back towards the metal detector and the man that was supposed to be scanning our luggage started telling me I could not go that way.....Well I let him have a piece of my mind and he just started laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AAAAHHHHHHH.......  (there I feel better) Finally Norris just grabbed our passports from the man and shoved his way through!  We grabbed our bags and headed toward the ticket counter!

We reached the ticket counter and put all our bags through and Norris looked over at me...."She is peeing on me!"  Sure enough....Jovee MISSED her diaper and peed all over Norris' shirt.  There was really nothing we could do at this point.  We waited for our tickets and then we needed to head through passport control.  Luckily Jovee loves to walk.  We put her down and let her run to passport control and we were going to change her when we got to the other side with restrooms.  Well the passprt control ladies thought that Jovee was so cute they came out of the booth to hug her and kiss her.  We tried to explain that they did not want to pick her up but it was too late....Oh Dear!
They let us through and we headed to our gate.  I changed her into a clean outfit and diaper...but poor Norris, we did not think that we would need to bring a change of clothes for us too!!!!!

Thinking we made it through the worst of it we boarded the bus that wold take us to our plane.  Once they packed the bus we drove away...about 5 feet and then we stopped.  With no communication or anything, we just sat there.  For about 20 minutes, and no mom this is not an exaggeration!!  After a little bit a lady on the bus started going crazy.  She started yelling and banging on the windows.  The people with her tried to calm her down but she was losing it!
Great news....we got a row all to ourselves once we reached the plane.  That was fantastic.  We loved having a place that we could put her down and she could spread out a little bit!
Jovee also loved having a screen all the herself...or playing with our screens.  If you have been reading Norris' facebook post you are aware that he read all three of the "Hunger Games" books.  He has not seen any of the movies yet.  Well the first movie was playing on our flight to Paris.  I told Norris that he should try to watch it and I would take care of Jovee.  Well about half way through the movie Jovee reached over and turned off Norris' screen.  Priceless.  Norris was not TOO upset because he was not liking the movie anyway. 

Well we finally got to Paris and sweet little Jovee fell asleep as we were looking for our bags.  We went to the area where they told us our bags would be and we waited and waited and waited...well you get the point.  After 30 minutes they made an announcement that our bags were at a different belt in a completely different area of the airport.  We got all our bags and away we went.  We decided that we were just going to grab a taxi because with all our luggage it would be much easier.  After we wandered the airport following all the signs to find a taxi and Norris ripping our stroller bag on a escalator we found a taxi!

Thinking the hard part was over we got to the apartment door and followed the instructions to get the door open....Yup it did not work at all.....  We tried it 20 different times 20 different ways and nothing!  We found an internet cafe after a 40 minute walk so we would get in touch with the booking company.  They told us to go back and try again.... so we did and still nothing.  So we got a hotel close by so the booking company could call us back.  They were able to reach the cleaner to bring us a key so we could get into the apartment the next day...  What a mess. 
The booking company was easy to work with and tried to help us as much as they could being half way around the world.  Finally after over 14 hours of travel we were able to get into the apartment and put our sweet little girl to bed.  I have to note that during this entire process Jovee was a saint!  She was laughing and running around and very free flowing!  It made the chaos of the day much smoother!
Now don't take this wrong.  Norris and I thought this was pretty funny!  Well maybe not getting locked out of the apartment but the rest of it.  We just kept saying..."If it is going to happen at least it is happening in Paris!" 
We rewarded ourselves with some Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwiches once we get into the apartment before we fell asleep!


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