Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 2 "There and Back Again!"

Well if you made it through day 1 you will be glad to know this post will be much shorter!
The day started off great!  Jovee decided that she would give me a birthday present by sleeping until 8 am!!  If you know my child and her lack of sleeping abilities you will also be impressed....oh and did I mention I turned 30!!!!  YIKES!  I was having a hard time dealing with it!  I am not sure why, just something about it was hard to deal with.....  But this day made it much better!

We made a tradition of having breakfast at the apartment before we headed out for the day.  We found out that Jovee loves hard boiled eggs!  Not sure why I never tried them with her but now I know I guess.  After breakfast we headed off to see the Arc De Triumph and the Louvre Museum.  We got to the Arc somewhere around 9:10 and then being confident we were on the Champs Elysse, we headed out toward the Louvre.  After we walked and walked and walked, Jovee started to have a mini melt down.  She was getting her one year molars during the entire trip!  We found a pharmacy to grab some Tylenol for her and since we did not see the Seine River or any signs for it we thought we would ask the pharmacist if she could help us.  Well she rocked our mind when she told us we were no where near the water!!!!!  She pointed us down a road in the direction of a road that would lead us to a road that would lead us to the river!!!  Well after we walked for another 30ish minutes a sweet lady stopped to see if we needed help as we sat on the corner looking in our guide book.  We told her we were looking for the Louvre and she got a very concerned look on her face!  After a few minutes we figured out we were nowhere on the map and she pointed us in the right direction.  At this point it is 10:30 and we had no idea where we were!  So we began walking the way the lady told us and before we knew it we were back at our apartment!!!!!!!!!  WHAT!

We decided that we would go back up stairs and change Jovee's diaper and have a re-due!  (I forgot to mention that I forgot my sunglasses and my shoes were giving me a blister!)
We went out to face Paris again and decided that maybe we should just take the Metro to the Louvre instead of using our "sense" of direction!  It was a much better option!  We finally got to the Louvre around 11:30!  It was amazing and EXTREMELY crowded.  I have been to Paris before but it was during Christmas and there were not nearly as many people.  It was a little overwhelming.  We wanted to find the Mona Lisa and the Egyptian artifacts.  Norris also wanted to see the Mesopotamian section but it was closed.  We were able to find the Mona Lisa because it was the only thing in the museum to have directions to, and out of luck as we were leaving the museum we found the Egyptian stuff.  It was pretty cool.  What an honor to be able to see that stuff, and all the other stuff we saw but did not have time to read about since we had a 15 month old running around the museum.
One thing we did not expect while at the Museum was people taking of Jovee instead of the amazing things in the museum.  Norris was quite embarrassed.  He just kept looking at me saying "um do these people realize where they are?  We are in a museum with the most amazing things in the world and they are taking pictures of our daughter!"  I just looked over and told him "of course they are she is gorgeous!"


We stayed at the museum for about 4 hours and Jovee took a nap on Norris's shoulder.  We decided that it was time to have some great French food so we found some lunch and enjoyed Mussels and Fries and Burgers and Crepes!  Yup it was perfect!

 We needed a little down time before we headed to the Eiffel Tower so we ran home and let Jovee watch "Monster's Inc."  She is obsessed with that movie. No Joke.  We could put on anything on the TV and she will play with her toys and ignore the TV but if it is "Monster's Inc." she is glued to the screen!

We took a stroll to the Eiffel Tower and enjoyed the walk.  We figured we could not get lost this time as long as it was getting bigger we were going the right direction!!!!  We did eventually find it and it was amazing!     

It was the perfect end to my birthday!  Did I mention it was my 30th birthday!!!!  YIKES!!!


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  1. Sounds like an exciting first couple of days! I'm guessing you'll never forget your 30th birthday :) Can't wait to read more :)