Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 4 "Euro Disney" Part 2

So I had some people ask why in the world are you going to Disney World while you are in Paris.  There is enough to see in Paris that you do not need to spend a day in Disney.  Well there is a story behind it I thought I would share.

Two years ago Norris and I decided that we were going to take a trip during the summer.  We thought we would go to Peru, and then we thought maybe Costa Rica and then we thought...Disney World!!!!  Norris has quite the obsession with Disney World and he always talks about when we will take our kids there, very cute!

We arrived to Disney on the evening of the 14th of August, 2010.  At 4 in the morning on the 15th, I woke up and took a pregnancy test!  We found out we were going to be parents!  It was very exciting but I immediately was nervous!  I woke Norris up and told him, I was too excited to wait until he woke up on his own.  We were up for the rest of the day talking, crying, and praising God. 

When we decided this year to take a family trip to Paris we saw that it was close to Euro Disney World.  We thought it would be really fun to go to the park with Jovee and celebrate the gift that we had been given!  It was almost 2 years to the day that we found out we were going to have the Joverton and we thought what better way to celebrate than a trip to Disney!!

                                         This is the day we found out we were having a baby!!!!

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