Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 4 "Euro Disney" Part 1

What a great day!  Even with the mix of melt-downs that a 15 month old will have at an amusement park!  What a great day!  Mistake/melt-down number 1 was all mom and dads fault!  I think we were just as excited as Jovee was when we saw all the fun things to do and buy for her.  We have a hard time not spending money on that girl!

Well there is a story to this but I will make it short.  I do not like balloons and I do not like when Jovee plays with balloons.  Norris likes balloons and tries to get Jovee balloons to play with anytime he can just because he can!!!  So when we got to the park the first thing we see is a giant Minnie Mouse balloon!  Jovee, who of course also loves balloons, started running toward it and Norris gave in and bought it for her.  It was pretty cute to see her walking around with a Giant Minnie Mouse head!  But when we came to "It's a Small World" she started sobbing when we had to leave the balloon.  She did not understand that it would be there when we got back.  So after about 5 minutes trying to calm her down and taking her away from the balloon we rode the ride.  She loved it!  It was so fun to see her face light up every time something would catch her eye!  Too fun!

Well after the ride the balloon was there tied to her stroller right where we left it...but again when we got to the "Tea Cups" she flipped!!!!  So we did what any first time parent does....we tied the balloon to a tree and walked away.  We learned from our mistake and will do better next time!!!!  After that she was an angel.  No more melt-downs or anything.

We rode "Snow White" and also "Pirates of the Caribbean".  She did awesome.  We were really not sure how she would do on these rides being so young but she really liked it...all but "Pirates".  She did not cry but I am sure she would not have wanted to do it again.  The ride is much bigger than the one in Florida.  It is about 15 minutes long and there are 2 pretty large drops.  And we were in the front row!  Poor thing was also getting soaked while being terrified!  The ride had a photo in the middle when we went down the largest drop and it was perfect!  Her poor little eyes looked a little scared!!!!

After all the rides we decided to have dinner at "The Blue Lagoon".  We saw this restaurant while we were riding the "Pirates" ride.  It was in the middle of the ride along the water!  Very romantic...if you did not bring your 15 month along!  Well even then it was still romantic!  It had fabulous seafood and great service....  Norris surprised me and had a cake already set up for me!  It was a great birthday lunch and cake!!!!!   

After lunch Jovee took a nap and so we missed the "Peter Pan" ride.  We got a fastpass for that so we would not have to wait in line but it didn't even matter because she slept through the time!  She also slept through meeting Minnie Mouse.  I was a little sad about that but I am not sure what she would have done with the characters!  It was fun to get a picture even though she was sleeping.  We did not mean to run into Minnie mouse we just rounded a corner and she was taking pictures with some kids and she took a picture with Norris and sleeping Jovee.

 Once Jovee woke up we put her in the Cinderella dress we bought for her.  She was so cute!  We let her run around in front of the castle and I took some photos of her.  She loves to see the back of the camera so Norris would put her down far away from me and she would run toward me while I snapped away trying to get a good photo!  It then started to rain so we decided that we could take the 45 minute train ride back to the apartment and have an easy night!

We were quite impressed with the look of the park.  We thought they did a great job making it look just like the one on Florida.  It was definitely smaller but very well done!  

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