Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 7, Our Anniversary!

I was thinking about all the places we have been for our anniversaries for our 7 years.
Year One: Escanaba
Year Two: Elkton
Year Three: Mishawaka
Year Four: Elkton
Year Five: Florida
Year Six: Egypt
Year Seven: Paris
It was fun to think about all the places Norris and I have been together and where we were on our anniversaries.  Some of the time we were with family and some of the times with friends and some of the times with just us, and Jovee!  We feel very blessed and hope to continue to be in the Lords will for our lives!  Not sure where that will take us but we hope we are always willing to follow his lead.
Well, for year seven, Norris took us back to Euro Disney!  It was very sweet.  The first day we were at Disney, Norris took some pictures of Jovee and I in front of the castle.  When we got home and I started looking at the pictures on the computer I found that NONE of them were in focus.  I was a bit sad at first and told Norris I was disappointed that I did not have picture of Jovee and I.  I got over it though and told myself that I would have enough pictures of Jovee and I doing other things so it was fine!
So that morning we got ready for the day...thinking we were just going to see the Eiffel Tower and walk around the city,  Jovee came into the bathroom in her Cinderella outfit.  She had a card in her hand and a ticket to Disney World!  Norris had gone out the night before and purchased us tickets to go back and get a photo of Jovee and I!  I was so excited!  Really I was going to let it go but I was glad to have the chance to take Jovee back.  We did not get to do everything we had wanted to do the first time so I was excited to go again!

 We had to buy Jovee a sweater when we got to the park.  It was FREEZING!!!  I wanted one too but it was way too much money.  We are not used to 70 degree weather and we realized that all Jovee had was tank-tops.  She does not even have a pair of pants that fit her!!!!!  Oh well when we are home it does not matter but it would have been nice to have a long sleeve shirt for the poor girl!  Hopefully she will enjoy the sweater we got her.  We got one that was a size 6 so she could wear it for years to come!!!!  :-)

So off we went....We got loads of pictures in front of the castle, again!  They turned out very well I think!  Then we rode some more rides that we did not get to ride the last time.  Jovee did not like Peter Pan or the Train Ride.  Peter Pan was very dark.  Even I could not see things in the ride.  The one in Florida was much brighter.  You were able to see the city that you were flying over.  The one here was very dark and you could not see anything.  Jovee was not a fan.  She also did not like the Train Ride roller coaster we took.  It was not a big roller coaster, it just went around in circles but it was pretty fast.  About half-way through she started giving the sign that we was "all done".  It was so cute.  I felt bad because there was nothing that we could do.  Norris just kept telling her it was going to be ok and we would be done soon.  It was the only ride that we came very close to tears on.  I hope we did not scare her for life.  I guess she will be ok because she still liked the "It's a small world" ride!  We also went on a boat ride that showed all the little villages of Disney films.  She liked that a lot.  It was a cute little ride, fun music to sing too.  We probably annoyed the people in the boat with us but we had fun!

We did not stay at Disney too long because Jovee was getting tired and she had done a bunch of traveling for the last 7 days. 

We got all packed up because we were going to try to get to the Eiffel Tower before I flights took off in the morning! 

What a great anniversary!  My hubby is amazing and really knows me quite well!  I love him and can't believe that we have been married for 7 years!  What a great adventure we have been on these 7 years.  I hope that we can keep up with what the Lord wants for us the next 7 years!!!! 

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