Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 3 "Cheer, Cheer for Ole Notre Dame"

We made it through the chaos of reaching Paris and then we quickly became familiar with our surroundings so we would not repeat day 2!  We had another lazy morning in the apartment with our hard boiled eggs and peanut butter toast!  YUM!  We loved opening all the windows and smelling the fresh Paris air!  We had the privilege of being there when the weather was changing from Summer to Fall.  Norris and I realized that we had not experienced  a "fall" in about 5 years!  I have to say I did not like it!  It was FREEZING!  Now it could have been the fact that I did not have any pants or a jacket but still it was insanely cold!



Well after breakfast we headed out to see Notre Dame!  We did not get lost this time or anything!  Notre Dame is really quite amazing!  The architecture styling of the building are quite impressive.  We decided not go to inside because the line was out of control and it would have taken over an hour just to get inside.  With Jovee if you have to stand in line for an hour it was just not worth it.  We decided to play in the park that was connected to the church.  It was really cute.  Jovee was showing people her belly button and another little boy pulled his pants down to start peeing!!!! 

We took a little walk around the Notre Dame and found a great place for lunch and found a really fun fountain.  We are not sure what was so important about the fountain but it was really pretty!  After lunch we decided to walk back to the apartment and have some down time!  On our walk back we found an awesome burger place.  I am sad that we did not get a chance to eat there, but it did not look like it was child friendly!  Next time when Norris and I go back for our 30th wedding anniversary we will eat there!!!


We took another walk after Monster's Inc. in the apartment.  We walked a lot!  It was awesome!  We found some dinner to take back to the apartment and gave Jovee a bath.  The bathtub in the apartment was awesome!  It was really deep and filled up fast!  Jovee does not sit when she is in the bathtub.  I am not sure why but she loves to just stand and play with her toys.  Lately she has been braving dipping herself in the water and then popping right back up!  She thinks it is very funny!  Well today she started doing that and the next thing I knew she started peeing......and then....the poop started to fly!!!!!  It was hilarious.  I very loudly started saying "oh, oh, oh she is pooping!!!!'  Norris came running into the bathroom.  Jovee started crying because Norris and I scared her and it was quite a thing to behold!!!  We got her out of the tub, luckily she had already been washed, and Norris cleaned up everything!  I think the tub was cleaner after Norris got done with it than before we got there!!!!

After that eventful bath time we decided it was time for a book and then to bed!  Jovee agreed and slept until 9am!!!!!! 

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